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The Colonial Group is involved with local, national and international businesses. While our services cover a broad spectrum, our key industries include oil and gas, mining, construction. aerospace and defence, and marine/maritime. We pride ourselves in remaining in tune with the economic climate overall while paying particular attention to the potential linkages between local business and global opportunities.

Strategic planning

business development

human resource management

For a business to be sustainable, it is essential to keep pace with the changing marketplace, incorporate innovation into the operations and build the leadership skills necessary to be effective. 

The Colonial Group will help you develop the road map and walk the talk.

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Government relations and executive networking

Dealing with regulatory bodies and government policy is a fact of life for business. Understanding what’s required and establishing relationships is a ‘must do’.

Networking with the real business decision-makers is essential to gain foot holes in the marketplace. This means getting into senior executive boardrooms.

Having experience in and knowing your way around the international scene is important if a business is looking at export or potential joint ventures.

The Colonial Group has direct experience in all these areas and can help you open the doors you need.

We help make it happen

Our approach for each project we undertake is to understand what’s needed, determine the most effective route to take and work with our client to fine tune. Together, we determine the value, the insights and action required to make it happen. Your goals and aspirations become ours and we work with you to get the results you want.